Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Cream Tea.... served all day every day £10 for two... panad??

Comic Relief Gnomes..... What is Going on at Fron Goch??

Have you seen the Fron Goch Gnomes? Comic Relief Day, March 13th
Ydych chi wedi gweld Corachod Fron Goch? Diwrnod Comic Relief, 13 Mawrth

There is something very strange about our staff today? Anyone 'gnome' what it is?
oes yna rywbeth rhyfedd ynghylch ein staff heddiw? Unrhyw ‘gorrach’ o syniad?

Well...... Our Comic Relief Gnomes, cakes, 30p from every coffee/teas sold & your generous donations at the tills raised a total of £297.11 WELL DONE TO EVERYONE, what a fantastic effort!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Grounds for the Ground

Coffee grounds are a nutritional additive for your soil.During 
the brewing process, most of the acidity is removed, leaving
used grounds with an average ph of 6.9 and a 
carbon-nitrogen ratio of 20 to 1

Apply this “green” material as a side dressing to nirogen-loving
plants, including most perennials and allium plants. Balance 
the nutrition of your soil with “brown” materials such as leaves
or dried grass.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ydych chi wedi gweld Melanie, Justin, Beth ac Elli yn siarad amdan Frongoch ar heno?

Ydych chi wedi gweld Melanie, Justin, Beth ac Elli yn siarad amdan Frongoch ar heno?

Have you seen Melanie, Justin, Beth & Elli talking about Fron Goch on Heno?