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After Care Advice for your Katie Blake Chatworth Collection

After Care Advice for your Katie Blake Chatworth Collection


We use the finest raw materials including the highest quality Aluminium for our large and heavy gauge frames.
The Rattan weave has been selected for strength and fading. Tested for outdoor use from -40°C to +40°C you can be sure that Katie Blake is ideal for the UK and European market.
Our Cushions are all made to British Standard 5852 Fire and Safety specifications ensuring safe storage inside your home. For our cushions we use 100% Polyester providing a rot free finish. Whilst the cushions are treated with a shower proof finish we do not recommend leaving them out permanently as they will deteriorate much faster! They should be stored away when not in use in a dry environment to avoid mould.
We also recommend that a Katie Blake Night Cover should be purchased and during the summer you can leave your cushions under the cover. Again we do not recommend leaving your cushions our during the winter even under the cover.


Katie Blake Garden Furniture 10 Year Guarantee

Katie Blake Garden Furniture has been made using the finest raw materials. The frames for our Tables and Chairs are made using high grade Aluminium which cannot rust and the Rattan Weave is resistant to all weathers. Whilst we recommend the use of a Katie Blake Waterproof Cover especially through the winter months it is not essential. If you do not invest in a cover the Rattan will need a good clean in the spring as it will get dirty particularly with Bird Droppings and general dirt in the atmosphere.

What our guarantee does cover:

We give a full 10 year Guarantee against faulty workmanship for both the frames and the Rattan Weave. The Rattan will have some fading over that time but it will be hardly noticeable. The Rattan is not affected by spilling wine, chlorine or many other chemicals used in the garden. In general we guarantee that if used under normal domestic conditions your furniture should last a minimum of 10 years and we will either repair or replace your furniture.

What the guarantee does not cover:

  • Abuse such as scratching or cutting the rattan weaves.
  • Burning and or melting the Rattan such as cigarette burns.
  • Picking the Rattan, something Children or Animals might do.
  • The Cushions and Fabrics are not part of this Guarantee.
  • The Parasol if supplied with a dining set is not covered.
  • Damage caused by using the parasol without a Stürdi Base.
  • Damage caused by leaving the Parasol in the table during windy conditions.
  • Accidently cutting the Rattan when opening the cartons with a sharp knife.
  • Scuffing the Rattan by dragging the furniture over rough surfaces.
  • Bending the frame by standing on the furniture.
  • Strong winds which might lift the furniture and move it causing damage.

At Glencrest Seatex we are always happy to offer advice about looking after you Furniture. Your Katie Blake Furniture will give you many years of service. Should you need to replace the Parasol and or cushions please do not hesitate to contact us. We do change our fabric colours every three years so it might be that your furniture and or cushions are no longer available in the colour you originally purchased.

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